Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Rockumentary über die ersten 10 Jahre
der Österreichischen Rockband KONTRUST.

The wild trip began in 2005, with their debut album „WELCOME HOME“.
Since then the band glances with their unique line up having two vocalists
and adding a percussionist to your standard rock band setup.
In the first years KONTRUST worked their way through countless club shows
and festivals throughout Europe and received their status of being a live act
that stands apart by a ever growing legion of fans.

2006 marks their first recognition by receiving the „Austrian Newcomer Award“
by public vote. In 2009 the band achieves international success with the release
of their second album „TIME TO TANGO“. The album and their hit single “BOMBA”
receive top chart placements in the Netherlands . The accompanying video
breaks the 3,5 million views marker on YouTube and the stepping stones
for a long series of unmistakable KONTRUST style videos are set.
“TIME TO TANGO” and the growing live success are honored in 2010
when KONTRUST is awarded with the AMADEUS Austrian Music Award,
Austria’s highest musical recognition.

In 2011 KONTRUST plays the Przystanek Woodstock festival in Poland
in front of over 300.000 people and set a new record for largest audience
ever played by an Austrian artist.
With the release of their third album „SECOND HAND WONDERLAND" in 2012
the band continues their straight course to success with a top 25 chart placement
in Austria’s national charts. An achievement not easily won due to lack
of radio airplay for rock music. The video to single “Hey DJ!” jumps to
the million marker on YouTube within ease and the band receives
their second nomination for the „AMADEUS Austrian Music Award“ in 2013.

With their stunnning release „EXPLOSITVE“ in 2014 KONTRUST proves once again
to be unpredictable magnitude in Europe’s music scene -
hungry, wild and full of surprises.  

Samstag, 15. Mai 2015, 21:05-21:50Uhr

im Österreichischen Kabel-TV, aonTV und DVB-T auf OKTO.

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